1. What is Pet Rescue Funding?

  • PetRF.com is a funding platform for pet rescue organizations. We provide rescues with the tools they need to showcase their project to potential supporters.

2. How does PetRF.com work?

  • For Rewards:
    Rescues create a profile that provides an overview of their organization, their fundraising goals, and the rewards they are willing to provide potential supporters.
  • Supporters can offer their support in the form of cash pledges starting at $1 in exchange for rewards provided by the sponsor.   This arrangement provides cash support for the rescue, promotion for the sponsor, and an actual reward for the supporter.  All parties involved win!

3. Why do people pledge money to rescues?

Two reasons:

  • Rewards: Sponsors provide rewards to backers that become more significant as the size of the pledge increases.
  • Affinity: Many backers appreciate the rewards, but are motivated by their connection to the rescue organizations.

4. Do people pledge anything other than money?

  •  Yes. Although cash pledges are important, the PetRF.com community also focuses on the collective contribution of our backer community. Backer are  encouraged  (but not required) to offer any sort of personal assistance that they think may help the rescue organization, from volunteering to fostering.

6. Why is it all or nothing funding?

  • To provide the sponsors the exposure they need and deserve, a minimum of $2000.00 goal has been set to motivate the rescue organization to promote the project.
  • Note that rescues can certainly raise more money than their stated goals, but if their goals are not met within the allotted time, all funding will be canceled and no Backers will be charged.


1. How do I start a fundraising campaign?

There are two steps.

  • First, you must have a sponsor or sponsors to provide rewards,  and submit a rescue organization profile including  a video or slide show, your fundraiser goals, rewards and pledge amounts.  This is where to include nonprofit information, what funds will be used for, etc. We will review your application to make sure it meets our guidelines.
  • Once approved, you will be published and the fundraiser is launched.

2. What do I need to have ready to create a project?

  • At a minimum you need to have a clear presentation of what the project goals are as well as your ability to reach a large enough audience to promote your fundraiser. Beyond that we’d like to see any visual assets such as videos uploaded from youtube,  our site is designed to use the youtube embed code for simplicity.  Images can be used to help convey the sheer amazingness of the pitch.

3. How can I increase my chances of being accepted to PetRF.com?

  • Study the elements of the project application process and just use good sense. If you have a great project that lots of people would love to contribute toward as well as a real audience that you can reach, you’re on the right path. We try to be transparent and up front about what we’re looking for, so feel free to ask us.  A sponsor that is a pet related business with good rewards, non-profit pet rescue organizations, a video, and a description that transmits a sense of transparency is what we are looking for.

4. What types of rewards should I offer?

  • Stuff people genuinely want. T-shirts and mugs are great, but your ability to generate higher dollar pledges will be tied to the creativity you use in developing higher quality rewards. Make rewards personal and special. Try to offer something pet owners would already purchase for there pets.  This will entice supporters that are skeptical or who can’t afford a lot of extra pledges to feel good about receiving something they would buy anyway.  The rewards show that you really care about people’s contributions, so it’s worth putting a lot of thought into them.


1. What happens if I don’t reach my fundraising goal?

  • All pledges are voided and the fundraiser is over.  PetRF.com works on an all-or-nothing funding model that requires that you meet your fundraiser goal in order to receive funds.

2. How long does it take to receive funding from a successful campaign?

  • Funding is transferred through the backer’s credit card directly to rescue organizations paypal account, minus fees.  PetRF.com will not at anytime have control or possession of the funds.  Any arrangements between the rescue organization and the sponsor would take place outside of PetRF.com.


1. What fees does PetRF.com charge?

  • We charge 5% of the total funds raised, paypal fees are 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.  Consider a $1 donation would cost you, 5 cents to PetRF.com and 33 cents to paypal where as a $100 donation would cost you $5 to PetRF.com and $3.30 to paypal.  So a $100, a dollar at a time, would cost you $5 to PetRF.com and $33 dollars to paypal. That .30 cents per transaction should be carefully considered when you price your pledge amounts. If the goal isn’t met, we charge nothing.

 2.Do the funds from backers go through Weedfundyou?

  • No.  All funds go directly to the rescue organizations paypal account minus fees.


1. What do I get in exchange for backing a rescue?

  • Rewards! Rescues sponsors provide specific rewards for each pledge tier amount. The rewards are nice, but you’ll also get the opportunity to start connecting to the rescue organization’s and try new products from sponsors you might not have found. It’s a great way to get connected.

2. What is the minimum pledge amount?

  • The minimum pledge and investment amounts are set by the rescue’s. Most rescues will indicate a range of rewards in exchange for set amounts of pledges.

3. If I back a rescue, when does my card get charged?

  • All pledges are charged immediately once a fundraiser has completed and has met its goals. If the campaign does not meet or exceed its funding goals all pledges are considered invalid and no funds will be deducted.

4. If funding does not succeed, am I charged?

  • No. Funds are only transferred if the rescues meet its fundraising goal in the allotted time.

5. Can I cancel a pledge that I make?

  • Yes, as long as it is before the fundraising goal is met, once the charges have been made its out of PetRF.com’s control, funds are sent directly to the fundraiser.

6. Are pledges refundable after funding is successful?

  • You would have to contact the rescue organization and work it out with them directly.


1. I want to help the rescue by doing more than just pledging, can I?

  •  Yes, please do! Rescue’s appreciate any help you can provide and backers are encouraged to offer assistance that they think may benefit them.

2. What types of assistance can I offer?

  • Lots of stuff. Maybe you’re a great Web developer and can help them with their Web site. Maybe you can make an intro to the CEO of  Pets Smart  But there is always a shortage of fosters and volunteers for events.

3. Can I charge for my assistance?

  • No. Any assistance offered to the rescues must be completely free. We require this in order to prevent people from soliciting the rescue’s.


1. What happens if the start-up doesn’t deliver the reward?

  • Rescues and sponsoring businesses are generally good people who will go out of their way to make good on their commitments, but problems do happen. We rely 100% on the communication between you and the rescue team to handle the delivery of your promised rewards.

2. How quickly are rewards delivered?

  • Each reward should have an estimated delivery timeline associated with it upon pledging. Please understand that the rescue’s still has to receive all funds, place orders, and manage the delivery process. We will do our best to encourage estimate delivery time-lines, but you shouldn’t be surprised if there are delays.

3. How can I see the status of my reward?

  • After the close of the funding campaign the rescue organization will contact you directly about the status and shipment of your reward.